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Looking for a Christmas arts & crafts idea that the whole family can join in on? Our paintable Christmas ornament set fits the bill perfectly! Each set contains the 9 ornaments shown which includes Santa, Snowman, Elf, Reindeer, Toy Soldier, Snow Globe, Manger Scene, Gingerbread House with Gingerbread Woman, and Gingerbread House with Gingerbread Man.


These 4-1/2 inch tall ornaments are cut out of 5/32" natural, unfinished Maple and can be painted ... or you can keep it simple and color them in with magic markers! Our Paintable Ornament Sets are great for scouting, school, church, or ANY group activity and they're right in time for the Christmas Holidays! 


In the 4th picture ... Every year we get our kids to participate in a Thanksgiving Day craft project. It usually feels like pulling teeth to get them to participate. This year, with the Paintable Ornaments, they were all over it and everyone had a great time. Andy! Get off your phone! ( He was done coloring btw ;) ).

Paintable Christmas Ornament Set

SKU: ORN4001
Excluding Sales Tax
  • These ornaments come to you unfinished and without polyurethane. We recommend that you apply a couple of coats of polyurethane to your ornaments after you finish painting/coloring them to protect them so that you can enjoy them for years to come!

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