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These are sure to be a hit with your friends and loved ones! Our Recipe Book/Tablet Racks are the perfect addition to your kitchen, craft shack, or any other area where you need your book or tablet placed in the perfect position so that you can follow along as you assemble your newest creation! We include 2 sets of the small insert "plugs" to hold your book open or your tablet in place, that way you have a back-up set! Available in your choice of wood stain, these two-piece racks easily disassemble for flat, space-saving storage. Each rack measures 12 inches tall by 13 inches wide overall with the book/tablet area being 9-1/2 inches tall measuring up from the book rest.

Book/Tablet Stand

Excluding Sales Tax
    • All of our wood products receive several coats of polyurethane to help protect the finish and wood.
    • For color tiles of our wood stain shades, visit our COLORS page.
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